Power To Heat

Electricity can be used to heat your home. Either by feeding the electricity directly into your electric underfloor heating system or by heating your water tank via a heatpump.

There are 3 different types:


1.- AIR to AIR these are the most common and are widly used in Portugal.

    They are "reversable" means they can cool and heat your home.

    Nowadays they are all "INVERTES" and modulate the power instead of switching on /off.


2.- AIR to WATER this type extracts energy from the Air to heat up water.

     They are very efficent and can be used for Underfloor or Pool-heating ( up to 35ºC), but also for

     domestic hot water with a Heat Pump Boiler (up to 60ºC)

      They are 5 times more efficent than immersion-heaters.


3.- WATER to WATER these types are used in nordic countrys where air temperatur is often

     below 0ºC. They extract heat from Ground water through Geothermal drilling or loops of Tube,

    1,5 m under the ground as there is a steady temperature of +/- 12 ºC.

Pool Heating

You need a lot of energy to heat your pool, as your pool loses a lot of energy during the night. This can best be prevented by using a "pool cover". However, it is possible to extend the bathing pleasure with the energy of the sun at a reasonable price. In the Algarve it is possible all year round to warm up your pool with the help of the sun to a maximum of 28°C.


Alternative Pool heating with EPDM absorbers

During the day you can heat your pool with the help of solar absorbers. This technology does not use any additional energy such as "heat pumps". The black absorber is connected to your pool filter pump via a bypass and the water heats up before it gets back into the pool.
In southern countries like Portugal you need about 50% of your pool area. So if your pool has 10 x 5 m (50 sqm), you would need 25 sqm of solar absorbers.
EPDM absorbers are the cheapest alternative to heat your pool with the energy of the sun.



We like to inform you about possibilities for heating your home and pool