PV-Battery storage

This video gives a good introduction about battery powered homes.

Battery storage can always be added to your existing PV-Solar System.

BatterX System from VisionUPS

The BatterX system from VisionUPS is a high-end solution for people who are looking for a complete system. 

It includes a hybrid inverter that has the possibility to add batteries and these are stackable from 6.4kW up to an incredible 56kW.

This systems switches to backup power in less than 10ms which means you dont even notice that the power is gone.

It can work as well in island mode so you would have a off grid solution as well.

BYD High-Voltage LiFePO4 Batteries

The BYD Batteries are the most popular solution for a energy storage.

The Battery is a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) solution and works with SMA, Kostal, Fronius and Goodwe.

For more information regarding prices and right capacity for your battery storage, feel free to contact us!