The future of energy independence has started!

Generate your own decentralized electricity with the help of the sun!

Help our planet by saving limited and precious resources for future generations!

Important News: VAT Changes for Solar Systems, dropped to from 23% to 6%; Solarpower Portugal is Google's top rated solar company in Portugal; Certiefied Installer for BatterX, Kostal Piko/Plenticore Systems, and BYD Battery Systems

The south of Portugal with 3,000 hours of sunshine per year is one of the best locations in Europe to generate your own decentralized energy.

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Self-consumption of energy in Portugal

Since January 2015 it has been possible to use self generated energy. This makes it possible for everyone to become from consumer to prosumer. Self-consumption and decentralized energy production is the path to a more sustainable, cleaner and more transparent world.

 Furthermore the subsidised solar tarifs of the EDP are going to run out.

Energy solutions for your home

Use the sun to produce you own decentralized energy. There are different possbilities for the apperance of your PV-System. From classic roof PV to elegant looking PV Carports.

For what is electricity needed?

There are different electric consumers in your home.Alongside the normal consumers like the fridge and washing machine you should never forget about permanent consumers like a heatpump.

You can use your self-generated solar energy to ...

Power to cool


... use your


Power to move


...  loads your


Power to heat


... heats your

home and pool

Solar battery storage

A battery is a useful addition to a solar system as it makes the solar power available 24 hours a day, in unfavorable weather conditions or at night. Every existing solar PV-system can be easily upgraded.


 Home Battery Storage


Batteries can store your excess energy. Those exist in different capacities.

Charging E-Vehicles via PV


Produce electricity for your house and use the surplus to charge your car.

Energy Management System


Smart monitoring solutions helps you to monitor your energy and save money.

Three Phase Systems | Energy Meters

How much can I save with a PV-System?


We would like to advise you without any obligation on how to use the free energy of the sun.

           Join the solar revolution!

                       Solar energy is the future!