New Law for PV in 2020 !

Portugal had announced a new directive on the 25th of October that should simplify the process for smaller UPAC's.

Today, the 1st of January, this law comes to force.


The new law raises the maximum power for systems without any registration form 200 Watts to 350 Watts as well as the maximum limit for  MCP's ( UPAC's that did not need a license ) from 1.5 kW to 30 kW. The Production meter, which was mandatory from systems above 1.5kW, is now required only for systems above 4kW. 


Previously, the maximum limit for a MCP was stipulated by the maximum power of the PV panels, which values are only reached in laboratory conditions,this was changed so that the Inverter is now the deciding factor.


Additionally there were some new concepts introduced:


1. The possibility to share your produced electricity with a neighbour be it in industrial parks, apartment blocks or even a Condominum. 


2. The possibility to sell your electricity to whoever is willing to buy.


Although these changes were already aproved, it is not yet known how everything will be acomplished, and so is under consultancy until the 4th of Febuary.