Solar News · 01. January 2020
Portugal had announced a new directive on the 25th of October that simplifies the process for smaller UPAC's as well as lifting the maximum limit for MCP's ( UPAC's that did not need a license ) from 1.5kW to 30kW. Today, the 1st of January, this law comes to force.
Events · 14. April 2019
At the 15/16/17 of May we will visit the Intersolar Munich.
General Knowledge · 15. June 2018
Dieses Video erklärt, was es mit der Solarenergie auf sich hat.
E-Mobility · 30. May 2017
This Video shows perfectly how an electric car works.
E-Mobility · 18. October 2016
The vehicle to grid technology uses E-cars for storing energy.
Solar Thermal Energy · 22. July 2016
This instruction will show you step by step how to build a evacuated tube solar system for your home
Solar Thermal Energy · 05. June 2016
This videos show the principle of the evacueted solar tube collectors
Solar News · 05. May 2016
The silent revolution of solar energy is moving across the world
General Knowledge · 10. March 2016
There are currently three primary solar technologies
Solar News · 15. January 2016
There is a new law regarding the self consumtion of home generated energy via PV-Modules.

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