How evacuated tube collectors work

Drain-Back more overheating the system

hot water circuit

1. The Solar System starts working.


2. The sun heats up the Solar Collector and the Pumpunit starts circulating the Thermofluid via Heatexchanger into the tank.


3. The Storage Tank with the domestic water heats up.


4. The hot water in the Tank can be used for several aplications.

1.-Yellow arrow:

The sun shines on the solar collector and heats up the Solarliquid. The Workingstation (4/5) starts circulating the Solar Liquid.


Red arrow:

The hot solar liquid passes throught the heatexchanger (3) and heats up the domestic water in the deposit.


Blue arrow:

the now cooler Solarliquid gets pumped up  to the solar collector and heats up again.

1.-Copper header pipe with sockets for dry connection to the "Heat Pipe".

2.-"Heat Pipe" top,plugs into the header pipe and transfers the heat.

3.-Evacuated tube,absorbs the solar thermal energy.